Mix of in progress pages and parts of comics to be published. Publication info added when available. I'll post these online in full when possible (some stuff I won't be able to.)


Finished May 2024. 14 pages total, pages 09-11 below.

poddy-calf page 09 poddy-calf page 10 poddy-calf page 11

A God for Every Metal

Elden Ring comic drawn in December 2024 for Lagon Revue 7, PLUIE. You can currently buy it over here.

Here's the cover:

Pages 01-03:

a god for every metal page 01 a god for every metal page 02 a god for every metal page 03

Best Taste

Finished Feb or March 2024, 12 pages total.

best taste page 07 best taste page 08 best taste page 09