one-shots 2020-2022

table of contents

Short, one-shot comics made between 2020-2022.

1. Dumpy

Drawn in December 2022.

2. Missed My Flight!

Made for a manga competition. Some pages from 2018-2019 but mostly drawn in 2020. Reads right to left.

3. Babyland

Drawn mostly in 2019 and printed in Sammy Harkam’s Los Angeles Times, which was a free comics newspaper.

4. Mother's Milk

Drawn in 2020 for the anthology Torrent, published by Lagon Revue.

5. Distracto

Funny short comics for Blessure Magazine, published by Les Lilas. Combination of drawings and some rough Blender renders (I didn't know what I was doing at the time.) Made in 2021.